All about Wool

When it comes to wool clothing, this is one type of fabric that can be hard to clean. After many years of experience, City Dry Cleaning has some tips and tricks that they have used over the years. Below is a list of some of the best solutions when caring for wool items.

  • Treat stains by soaking up the stain first, and then treat directly by washing the garment in cold water
  • After washing a wool garment, it is important to ring out excess water for faster drying.
  • Always air dry, drying can often time damage the garment.
  • Wool items can be dry cleaned and are recommended to do a few times a year.
  • Store in a sealed container or vacuum bag with dryer sheets to keep wool smelling fresh.



Each garment is different, which is something to consider before treating or taking care of wool items. Reading the care label can be a great start, along with the tips provided above. Extending the quality of a wool garment is what we are here to do!


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