Winter Clothes: What Should I Do?

It’s finally summertime! Along with pool days and popsicles, another thing is necessary during this time of year… changing out your wardrobe. It’s time to move from sweaters and boots to shorts and sandals. Yay! This is a change that we have no complaints about. But when you’re packing away your winter clothes, make sure they’re ready to wear when that cold weather rolls back around. How can you do this?


Dry cleaning your winter clothes before you pack them away eliminates dust and dirt, while keeping them protected during their summer hibernation. Think about it. You don’t want to open up that box of sweaters in the fall only to discover old stains that didn’t come out in the washing machine. Or what about that gross, musty smell of neglect and disuse after leaving clothes unattended for so long? Dry cleaning can prevent that too!

So, what all should you get dry cleaned before packing it away?

Well, definitely your winter coats, sweaters and any items that you would normally have dry cleaned during their season of use. And, my personal favorite, get those Ugg boots dry cleaned! Preserve those cozy shoes for one more season by getting their stains removed and freshening them up. City Dry Cleaning offers a service that will clean your Ugg boots beautifully.

Don’t forget, you don’t even have to come to the store and drop all your winter clothes off to us! We offer a FREE pick-up and delivery service right to your door. Make sure you give us a call at 419-422-7924 for more information about any of our services. We’re excited to help you!