We Appreciate YOU.


The seasons may change, but the loyalty from our customers don’t. At City Dry Cleaning we pride ourselves with our service to our customers, but more than anything we appreciate the continual commitment we get from them. We realize there is fierce competition out there, but here are a few reasons why you should stick with us:


  • We offer wedding gown preservation consultation. We know that a wedding dress is a women’s most prized possession, and we promise to guard it with care. At City Dry cleaning a bride may come into our store to talk about the process we go through to preserve the gown and she will be reassured that it will look just like the day she wore, even years down the road. We focus on the exact needs of our customers so there is complete understanding.


  • We help clean up after your dinner party. Throwing a dinner party can be all fun and games, until it is time to clean up. Allow us to clean your tablecloths and linens at a reasonable price to take some stress off you. The items are also packaged on hangers so they can easily be stored for your next fiesta.


  • We make leather & suede look brand spankin’ new. Whether is a leather coat, a lettered jacket or your favorite pair of UGGS, we can make any item look brand new. Although this process takes time, the rewards are endless. We also pay attention to detail and note if there are any additional alternations that need to be done.


  • Cannot take down your curtains, NO PROB! We can come to your business or residence to personally take down your curtains, load them into our truck, and transport them to be cleaned. We want our process to me as seamless as possible for!


  • Aside from tangible services, we offer a smile. Each day we come into work with the intention of making our customers happy. If you are not satisfied with the outcome, we do everything in our power to satisfy your needs. We are dedicating to building a trusted relationship with our customers. We understand that your garments are something you hold near to your heart, and that’s why we handle every item with care.


City Dry Cleaning offers free Pick Up and Delivery Service to your home or office. City services, Findlay, Tiffin, Fostoria, Carey, Ada, McComb, Bluffton, Perrysburg, Toledo, Pandora, Arlington, Port Clinton, Kenton and Arcadia in Ohio.

Call us today or check out our drop shop locations at http://www.citydrycleaning.net/drop-shop/ to get your service started!


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