The Importance of Dry Cleaning

In a day and age where “business casual” is the new norm, the importance of dry cleaning seems to be lost. However, although the dress requirements may be more lax, image is NOT.

There are several differences between doing laundry at home versus utilizing your local dry cleaner. Here at City Dry Cleaning we don’t just do dry cleaning, we wash regular laundry as well and charge by the pound. So if you’re bringing in something to be dry cleaned, save the hassle and drop off your laundry too.

Dry cleaning was given the name due to the fact that the process itself uses little to no water unlike your washing machine at home. The dry-cleaning process includes cleaning with solvents, spot treating, and final pressing.

The benefits of dry-cleaning include:

  • The ability to remove oil and grease stains with solvents
  • Spot treatments for areas unable to be cleaned by solvents
  • Does not cause garments to fade, shrink, or lose shape
  • Dry cleaners can re-shape, restore creases, and eliminate wrinkles

While dry cleaners are master magicians, not all problems can be resolved with a flick of their wand. Therefore, it is best to talk to your dry cleaner directly to see what can be done at time of drop-off. To learn more about our different services visit: or call 419-422-7924

Look your best without the extra effort!