Surviving Christmas

As friends and families come together for the holidays, some of us may be finding ourselves going out of the way to host parties. We’ve all been there with the elaborate decorations to pull out all the stops trying to be festive.

Personally, my family is prone to catastrophes especially when lit candles are involved. We like to talk with our hands which ultimately leads to napkins being set aflame and terror ensuing. My tip to you is to have a fire plan in case you encounter this scenario to avoid setting all the table decorations on fire.

If, however your family is not accident prone, you may only find yourselves in small dilemmas such as how to get wax out of fabric. Don’t worry, I have the solution for this!

Step 1: Let the wax dry! You do not want to mess with the wax while it is hot this will only make it worse. You can use ice to cool it down if you’re impatient like myself.

Step 2: Scrape off the excess dry wax with a dull knife or spoon. Use a spoon on delicate fabrics and do not dig in too hard.

Step 3: Use an iron on low heat to melt the rest of the wax. Place brown paper towels on the melted wax. Continue to heat wax and replace towels as needed.

If all else fails, come on in to City Dry Cleaning and we would be happy to help you out. Stay safe this holiday season!