Keep your bedding cozy!

There’s no denying that one of the best small things in life is getting into bed under fresh, clean bedding. The clean smell, the feeling of the fresh sheets… it’s just perfect. So now that I’ve got you craving that awesome feeling, let’s talk about how to achieve that cozy clean feeling.

Dry cleaning. That’s it. That’s the secret.

Evidence shows dry cleaning is a better option for cleaning your household items than using your typical washer and dryer. When bedding is put through a traditional washer-dryer setup, fibers are weakened which leads to rips, tears, and snags, as well as fading and discoloration. Speaking from experience, pulling your comforter out of your dryer only to discover a tear is a major day ruiner. Quality comforters and duvets can be expensive. We need to take care of them so they last as long as possible!

So, what does dry cleaning do that’s so amazing?

None of it is too thrilling, but it’s pretty exciting when you can keep your favorite bedding for years. Simply put, dry cleaned bedding retains a newer appearance for longer. Dry cleaning also won’t shrink any of the fabrics, which is almost inevitable if you’re using your washer and dryer at home. Another reason dry cleaning your bedding is so great? Dry cleaning gets down to the fiber level, meaning your items are truly free of all dirt and debris. Your general washing machine only reaches the surface level, so you’ve probably got quite a bit of leftover dirt and debris leftover if you aren’t using dry cleaning. And, last but not least, sending large bedding away to get dry cleaned saves some serious wear and tear on your home washers and dryer… and everyone knows you don’t want to have to deal with replacing that.

Save your appliances, bedding and ultimately, save your money. Send your comforters and duvets to be dry cleaned at City! You won’t be disappointed.