Ink…Ink…and more Ink

Ink stains do not mean that a person’s life is over or your article of clothing is destroyed. Ink stains can often be reversed with the right solution and following the right steps. Over the years City Dry Cleaning has found solutions that 9/10 times works and we are here to share. There are various types of ink stains, which makes these stains tricky at times.


Water-based ink (including washable markers)

Rubbing alcohol is the top contender for this type of stain. Making sure it does not bleed on the other side of the garment is key. Placing a towel in-between the front and back of the garment can help, when treating these types of stains.

Permanent ink 

These by far can be the toughest stains to remove. Sometimes a slight stain can be left after treating but it is the majority of the time not as noticeable. Rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover, and acetone are three different options that can potentially remove these stains.

Pen Ink

Rubbing alcohol again is another option to remove these types of stains. If it is a hard surface shaving cream can also be used.

Extra tips:

  • Hand sanitizer can prevent ink from spreading
  • Bar soap & cold water can be an alternative before washing
  • After treating the stain, stain remover additive can be added to the wash
  • Repeat the process again if it doesn’t work the first time


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