Hospital Buzz

I avoid hospitals like the plague! Okay, bad choice of words, however, they do serve a crucial purpose in terms of survival. Imagine if we didn’t have any hospitals. Yikes! The hard working doctors and nurses work around the clock to keep us humans safe and healthy.

While in a hospital, you’ll notice each room has curtains hanging on the wall. We’ve seen them in the tv shows when they dramatically slide them over to deliver “the news”. These curtains are more than a privacy wall, they also act as a line of defense against the spread of disease. They are manufactured to meet guidelines of health and safety standards before they can be used in any medical facility. Prior to these standards, the pesky disease-causing organisms would cling to the fabric and help spread disease!

The same goes for doctors coats. These men and women are on the front line treating patients, they must be well-equipped. Not only do these coats act as a shield for the doctors themselves, but they serve as easy identification throughout the hospital. We need a doctor in here!

When walking into the war zone of a hospital, it is reassuring to know that all precautions are being taken to keep all individuals safe from harms way. At City, we realize it’s critical to clean these curtains and doctors coats the proper way to help maintain their protective properties.