Some Helpful Tips On What Does and Does Not Need Dry Cleaned!

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Dry cleaners are often overlooked when a stain occurs on someone’s clothes, or even when a garment needs cleaning in general. Often times it’s believed that the stain can be removed by simple hand washing at home, but most of the time it is a much smarter idea to bring it to a dry cleaner. However, we are here to provide insightful tips on what materials will need dry cleaned every time they’re ready to be washed.

Certain materials like rayon and other delicate synthetics absolutely need dry cleaned instead of hand washed at home. Garments with embellishments, complicated designs, and pleating are also a must when debating on whether to use a dry cleaner or not. Very stained or soiled clothing are almost always better off being taken to the cleaners, as well as suits, delicate synthetics like rayon, and other fabric blends. Items made of leather or silk are a toss-up, but it’s almost always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to cleaning your clothes, so take it to a cleaner you can trust (I’ll give you another helpful hint on who that may be later).

Items that can be hand washed at home include anything made of cotton or linen items that don’t have any of the embellishments mentioned above and synthetic fibers that are heavy duty like nylon or polyester. Cashmere and wool garments will last longer if hand washed as well.

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