Grease Stains

Knowing how to remove stains can often times be a tricky process especially when it comes to grease stains. Rather it is from car grease or food, often times removing these stains can be quite simple. There are a variety of ways these stains can be removed, below are some of City Dry Cleaning’s Favorites!

Hot water

Reading the care label is the first step, but often times hot water can remove a recent grease stain before washing the garment.


Liquid dishwashing soap or laundry detergent are both good alternatives. Applying the soap directly to the area, letting it soak for 30-60 minutes, then rinsing it in hot water, and washing regularly can help significantly.

Baking Powder

Adding baking powder over the stain and letting it sit overnight can draw out the stain. After this is done, wash on cold water.

Dry Cleaning

Often times City Dry Cleaning sees that many customers returning or new trust experts only with their garments. City Dry Cleaning is always willing to help and will let customers know what they can do for them as soon as they step in the door.


Removing grease stains can be a tricky process. Narrowing down the options that work with each type of stains can be the hard part. City Dry Cleaning aims to deliver solutions while also pleasing regular and new customers needs.


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