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Fabric Content and Convenience is our Jam!

Are you worried about shrinking clothes? Wrinkled clothes? Blending colors? Went months without cleaning your comforter and rugs? Maybe not, but maybe so, and maybe one of those questions hit home. So, lets discuss the benefits of taking your clothes as well as bulk items to the dry cleaner.

Despite the fact the perception of dry cleaners is a rather “older” perception, it is known within the industry that there are many new do-it-yourself dry cleaning kits out there. But should you give it a whirl? Although not every piece of clothing requires dry cleaning, taking care of those items that does require it is essential in preserving their attraction. A professional dry cleaner understands the fiber content of the fabric in order to make a more informed, keep-it-attractive laundry decision.

Benefit #1: Dry cleaning is convenient

 In today’s busy society, being able to drop off your dirty clothes and pick them up folded, cleaned, ironed, and primed in protective classy bags is a rather large convenience. Not to mention, FREE pickup AND home delivery is an even bigger convenience and vast time saver.

Benefit #2: Bulk items is not a problem

Winter is rapidly approaching in Northwest Ohio which means one thing, what kind of weather will we actually receive? One day could be snow, the next could be rain, and the next could be sun with a mixture of both melting ice with mud and slosh making it hard to keep rugs, slipcovers, and even oversized comforters clean due to kids and even pets. As this can be an impossible chore to handle at home remember bulk items are not a problem and the FREE pickup AND home delivery is an available convenient option.

Benefit #3: Detail, detail, detail

Eliminate the worry of shrinking clothes, having to wash them and then iron them, mixing colors, and items not being able to fit in the washer and dryer. Fabric content is our jam! Correct fluid levels used to remove soils, stains, grease, odors and oils from fabrics, that’s our jam! Use our professional deep-cleaning service! Let us take care of your clothes, bulky items, and give you some time back in your day.