Down & Fiber Filled Items

Down & Fiber filled items are a fan favorite, especially at City Dry Cleaning. They are light but warm at the same time, making it a perfect item for most households. Washing these items can be a process, taking extra time to both wash and dry. We are here to limit the time spent on this tedious process.


The first step is to always read the care label. Most of these items do not need to be washed frequently. These items only need to be washed every couple of years, but by doing this the life of garment will be extended.


  • Check for holes and snags before washing
  • Most of these items are too big for an average in-home washer, laundry mats can be a perfect solution.
  • Add shoes or tennis balls into the wash to keep the down from sticking together
  • Be sure to wash the item on delegate & an additional rise or best results.


  • Dry in a large enough dryer for best results with a pair of shoes or tennis balls.
  • Dry on air dry or low temperature
  • Stop the dryer occasionally to break up any down fibers sticking together.
  • Make sure that the item is completely dry to reduce the chance of mildew or mold.


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