Divide and Conquer

The importance of separating clothes before laundry is done can eliminate issues from potentially happening. There are a variety of ways that clothes can be separated in order to prevent bleeding and damaging clothes. Below are some of City Dry Cleaning’s favorite go-to tips ⬇️

How to Wash Clothes | Laundry Tips and Tricks - Tide


Separating by colors can be the first step when doing laundry. By separating lights from darks and even colors in between can reduce the likelihood of bleeding from happening. New clothing can contain excess dye, so it is important to wash those items by themselves the first few times. Washing garments on cold water can also prevent bleeding from occurring.

Type of Fabric

It is important to wash similar types of fabric together, to ensure that clothes and other items are lasting longer. Washing towels & sheets together can help reduce lint sticking on other garments like shirts. This ideally decreases the amount of time clothes have to be in the dryer which again extends the life of these items.

How Dirty

Washing extremely dirty items with other items can result in staining. Separating items that have things like excess stains, dirt, oil, grease can help prevent damage from occurring. This will help garments out in the long run.

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