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Divide and Conquer

  • Posted: 03/17/21

The importance of separating clothes before laundry is done can eliminate issues from potentially happening. There are a variety of ways […]

The Importance of Dry Cleaning

  • Posted: 03/4/21

In a day and age where “business casual” is the new norm, the importance of dry cleaning seems to be […]

5 Spring Cleaning Hacks

  • Posted: 02/25/21

I know we can all agree that Spring Cleaning is that thing we all dread until it’s done. We wanted […]

Keep your bedding cozy!

  • Posted: 07/28/20

There’s no denying that one of the best small things in life is getting into bed under fresh, clean bedding. […]

8 Reasons You’ll Love City

  • Posted: 07/17/20

Being the best dry cleaner in town comes with a lot of hard work, time, and dedication, but most of […]

Winter Clothes: What Should I Do?

  • Posted: 06/18/20

It’s finally summertime! Along with pool days and popsicles, another thing is necessary during this time of year… changing out […]

COVID-19 Compliant Cleaning Process

  • Posted: 06/4/20

Worrying about how COVID-19 and your dry cleaning mix? Well, fear no more! City Dry Cleaning is a Certified Sanitone […]

City Tent Sale

  • Posted: 05/20/20

Struggling to find readily available COVID-19 related products, such as hand sanitizer or Clorox wipes? City Dry Cleaning has these […]

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