At Home Laundry Safety

It’s important to baby-proof your house whether you have human babies or fur babies. When walking through a home, it’s amazing pointing out all the things that can be hazardous especially in the laundry room.

Personally, I chose not to take part in the Tide Pod Challenge for many reasons, mostly because the thought of eating a poisonous substance just wasn’t appealing to me. However, for several small children and investigative animals these small, squishy things may be very enticing along with other items found in the laundry room.

How can you prevent incidents from happening?

First, read the labels on your laundry products to understand how to use and properly store the items.

Second, beyond reading the labels, actually follow the use and storage guidelines. Avoid leaving things out for little investigators to reach. This could mean storing products up high or in child-locked cabinets.

If you encounter a scenario requiring attention, look again on the label for a number to call for help. The number for Poison Help is 1-800-222-1222. Avoid these situations altogether by being prepared!