5 Spring Cleaning Hacks

I know we can all agree that Spring Cleaning is that thing we all dread until it’s done. We wanted to share some cleaning hacks to use in your home to help the process go smooth.

We recommend separating the cleaning out within a week or a couple days starting with writing out a schedule of what days you will clean what. You could even be more efficient and break it down to the hour.

Hack #1: Use lemons to clean stains off your sink faucets and even to clean your microwave due to their high acidity they do a better job than most cleaning agents.

Hack #2:  Do you have linen items that have oil stains? To avoid staining the item forever, chalk is ultra-absorbent, you can rub a bit on any oily kitchen stains to hold the item over until you are able to wash it.

Hack #3: We all love having pets but hate the fur they leave all over the house, a window squeegee can help to scrape out those annoying hairs the vacuum can’t.

Hack #4: When was the last time you cleaned your showerhead? It is a very important thing to clean and cleaning it is pretty simple. Create a solution of hot water and white vinegar and put it in a bag and tie the bag filled with the solution to your showerhead making sure the showerhead is submerged in the solution and leave it there for 30 minutes. Lastly use an old toothbrush to remove and excess dirt or residue.

Hack #5: Do you have pesky stains on the grout in your tile floor and don’t want to use toxic chemicals? Put some toothpaste on a toothbrush and scrub the grout between your tiles and watch the dirt come up. For more cleaning hacks click here

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