Knowing your Shirt and the Dry Cleaning Guarantee


A sloppy looking shirt leaves sloppy presentiment in person’s mind, especially when you are trying to impress them.  Of course, every dry cleaner claims that they can make the most perfect and crisp shirt, but we like to guarantee it to our customers. Our shirt press machine allows for each shirt to be perfectly pressed every time. So we can make the guarantee on our end, but we need the customer to make the same guarantee to us.

Many times it is easy to blame the dry cleaner when you don’t receive the desired look for your shirt, but many times it is not the cleaners fault. The truth of the matter is, shirts do not last forever. The average life expectancy of your shirt would be around two years. After that, there is a chance that your shirt may never look the same as when you got it. Why does this happen? The everyday wear and tear take a large toll on the life of a shirt. Here are some everyday factors that can impact the life of your shirt:



-excess fabric in the cuffs

-manufactures using excessive adhesive to fuse interfacings with outer fabric

-manufacturers allowing room for shrinkage, cutting the shirt larger

While these factors are things that we cannot prevent form happening, we promise to do everything on our end to keep your shirt looking perfect. This is why we ask our customers to know their product and understand that sometimes, shirts outlive the intended purpose. Working as a team with our customers is one of the many factors that makes us most successful at what we do.

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