City Dry Cleaning Blog


  • Posted: 11/5/18

Every person takes pride in having a clean and well-kept house especially when company comes over. Window treatments are something that makes the […]

Leather & Suede

  • Can you believe it is that time of the year again? We are talking about breaking out the leather and […]

Tablecloth & Linen Cleaning

  • Posted: 10/1/18

Are you getting ready to plan an upcoming event or even a family get together? There are often many things […]

Breaking out the Uggs

  • UGG season has officially arrived! We have been waiting all summer to slip back into our comfy boots! As winter is approaching […]

Color Bleeding 101

  • Posted: 09/3/18

Majority of adults today have experienced color bleeding on more than one article of clothing. There is no worse feeling […]

Just read the Label

  • It is often confusing when owning various types of clothing in one household. From an assortment of colors to different […]

Keeping it White

  • Posted: 08/6/18

We all know how hard it can be to keep something white especially when it comes to clothing! White clothing […]

Why you should Dry Clean

  • Posted: 07/2/18

Every individual’s life is often times very busy compiling with things from work to extracurricular activities. Cleaning is sometimes not is often times […]

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